CHATZIIOANNIDIS is one of the oldest furniture companies in Greece, having its roots in the early 20s.The first generation of the firm was its founder and designer Vasileios Chatziioannidis who established the furniture shop of quickly established in the city of Thessaloniki.As a result of the firm’s continuous evolution, was the foundation- late 1960s- of the factory unit by his son, Efstratios.


Efstratios, redefining the essence of hand-made wood craftsmanship, developed new operational frameworks and managed with his explosive talent and innovative thinking, to establish the company as a leader in the manufacturing of handmade furniture in Greece.

Since 1984, the director of the company has been the founder's grandson Vasileios Chatziioannidis (third generation).


CHATZIIOANNIDIS continues its successful activity, creating luxurious furniture and prestigious constructions based on its initial identity and philosophy, directed by the fourth generation Efstratios & Nefeli Chatziioannidi.



We address every client and every project as a new and unique challenge.

We apply personal and special terms in the conception, the design and the creation of furniture.


Our furniture are made not only according to the global market of furniture fashion but according to the unique personal style of our clients.


We propose luxury creations of everyday lifestyle. We built relationships of trust and mutual respect with our clients, as we enter their lives with the aim to deliver an authentic, inspired and luxurious service to their most private parts of their daily routine.